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Red Sky Stage is a coffee house style performing arts venue in Downtown Petoskey’s Gaslight District featuring live music, poetry, comedy, drama, painting, and other arts.

Featured Art

High Banks - Indian River

Original oil by Rick Kolb

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August 2019

Thursday, August 1, 7 PM, Lee Dyer, Erin Campbell and Friends

Blissfest Folk and Roots Mini-Concert Series

Lifetime local and outstanding talent on the Northern Michigan music scene, Lee Dyer has returned from a year on the road for a brief visit with the home folks and bringing with him several friends he made on the road. 

The concert starts with Lee's new band, Aunt Vicki, an ethereal folk duo with a dreamy surreal rock and roll vibe. The two songwriters Erin Campbell and Lee Dyer are living a life on the road exploring the world around them while they work on developing a distinct sound and style.   (Seen here playing at Blissfest 2019. )


Next up is Bombay Gasoline,  an electro-rock power duo from Asheville, NC formed by Madison Maxwell (Vox/Keys) and MG O’Shea (Drums/Production). 



Finishing out the night will be Cicada from New Orleans Louisiana.  Cicada is Bayley Crow on bass and vocals, Hannah Schaeffer playing drums  and Roxy LeBlanc contributing guitar and vocals.   Cicata is a power trio dedicated to female empowerment and rocking out hard! They have been known (in their own words) to get "a little gobliny sometimes."

Tickets:  $15 in advance at  Red Sky Stage, (231) 487-0000 or online at My North Tickets (click the Buy Tickets Now link). Tickets are available at the door the night of the show for $20.   


Sunday, August 4 and Every Sunday, 1-4 PM  Blissfest Strings Jam Session

Bring your  guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, kazoo, washboard, penny whistle or whatever  you play   on Sunday afternoon and play and sing along with our friendly, supportive group.  Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level.  If you don't play an instrument but you love music, join the fun and listen or sing along.

We meet every week (except a few holidays so come whenever and as often as you can.  We go around the room and take turns leading songs and we all play along the best we can.  A perfect event for playing old favorites, originals, covers, or trying out a song you are working on.

Microphones, instrument connections and sound system.provided so you may plug in if you wish.

Admission Free, Snacks available.  Optional donations accepted.


Thursday, August 8 and  Every Thursday, 7 pm  Fun Blues Harmonica Class

Instructor:  Steve August

It may be a tiny instrument but the Blues Harmonica is BIG on sound and style! Practice the basic moves and   patterns  that bring your harmonica to life, including sweet single note melodies, foot tapping rhythms, blues scales and riffs and bending note secrets.  Get an intro to major harmonica players and their styles, from the early originators to the contemporary players.  Small class size insures that you get lots of individual attention.  

No prior musical experience is needed.  Any harmonica in the key of "C" is acceptable for class.  Open to ALL harmonica players from raw beginners to legendary bluesfolk..

Cost for six sessions, $145.  For more information or to register, call Steve August at  231-838-6419.  Email



Saturday August 10, 1 - 5  PM  CBG Minded Michiganders

Cigar  Box Nation is a country-wide movement of musicians, instrument builders, hobbyists, fans and just plain  folks    with  an interest in cigar box guitars, ukuleles and related creations.  A few local citizens of CB Nation, who call themselves CBG Minded Michiganders, get together with other interested people  to share their fascination with cigar box instruments and the music they make.  What better place to do that than Red Sky Stage,‚Äč

There will be a lot of swapping stories, tips and ideas about building and playing cigar box instruments. 

The event is open to everyone.  Be sure to attend if you have even the slightest interest in cigar box instruments, making them, playing them or just seeing one for the first time.  You might want to check out the Cigar Box Nation website and Facebook page and the CBG Minded Michiganders  Facebook page

Admission Free, Snacks available.


Saturday, August 10, 7:30 PM, Kevin  Johnson and Friends

Blissfest Folk and Roots Mini-Concert Series

Very highly regarded Northern Michigan singer-songwriter and guitarist.Kevin Johnson will be joined by two wonderful  female singer-songwriters, Kelly Shively and Lee Anne Whitman, who will add some of their own tunes, great musicianship  and breathtaking harmonies.

Tickets:  $15 in advance at  Red Sky Stage, (231) 487-0000 or online at My North Tickets (click the Buy Tickets Now link). Tickets are available at the door the night of the show for $20.  








Friday, August 16, 7:30 PM, Mustard's Retreat

With deep roots in Ann Arbor and echos of the Old Heidelberg, The Ark and. The Brown Jug,   Mustard's Retreat shares some of its heritage with Red Sky Stage.  Libby Glover, Michael Hough and David Tamulevich  played together and separately in various combinations and in fits and starts in those haunts and elsewhere   The trio performed together off and on throughout the late 70’s whenever Libby was back from her various travels until a permanent move left Hough & Tamulevich on their own. Success and praise continued to follow them as a duo for the next 40 years, during which time they released a series of acclaimed recordings – now numbering 14. Libby moved back to Michigan in 2014, and they began singing together again. The old chemistry was still there, deepened by the years of performing, stagecraft, songs, and the abiding friendship they all shared.

In the Summer of  2018. Mustard’s Retreat released their first album ever as a trio, Make Your Own Luck.  Now approaching their 45th year, they’ve traveled more than a million miles and performed more than 6,000 shows, from pig roasts and pool parties to Lincoln Center Out of Doors, The Barns at Wolftrap and the Kennedy’s Center’s Millennium Stage.

Their performances are always joyful and uplifting, as well as intelligent, thought provoking and insightful. They’ve recently begun referring to their career and touring as “Defiantly Hopeful.” In part due to their long career, but more as a statement about what the music has meant to them. “Folk music is, at its heart, defiantly hopeful!” Tamulevich says. “We came of age in the 60s, at the confluence of Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul & Mary, Bob Dylan and the singer/songwriter revolution. We care much more about what we do and stand for and finding that common ground with our audiences, than fame or money: this is our community of choice, and we consider ourselves so fortunate to be here.”. 

Tickets:  $15 in advance at  Red Sky Stage, (231) 487-0000 or online at My North Tickets (click the Buy Tickets Now link). Tickets are available at the door the night of the show for $20.  




Saturday, August 24, Doors Open 7 PM, Show Starts 8 PM  The Come Up

Hip-Hop Concert

This show features amazing local Northern Michigan hip-hop  talent.  The headliner for the show will be Clay Meadows. Other artists will be Drebb, Letter B, M-Five, Markavelli and Blissful

Tickets:  $10 in advance at  Red Sky Stage, (231) 487-0000 or online at My North Tickets (click the Buy Tickets Now link). Tickets will also be available at the door the night of the show.   















Saturday, August 31st,  8 PM, Doors Open 7 PM,  Hell On Heels Presents 

Hell on Heels is lots of fun for everyone!  The theme of the August 2019 edition of this lip syncing, dancing, and   singing  adventure will be announced soon.  It is guaranteed to be filled with loads of comedy and just the right amount of crassness!  Drag Queens have been a huge part of our culture for decades.  Let us show you why!!

Details and ticket availability will be announced here soon.


For full details of these events and others, see our website.